Forest School

Speen Pre-School is located within beautiful countryside and this enables us to offer children the chance to explore the outside world with Forest School trained Pre-School Leader. We have access to a local field set within woodland only a couple of minutes walk from our setting. Each child is given a set of waterproofs which means that forest school takes place whatever the weather!

What is Forest School?

Forest schools began in Sweden in the 1950’s and were introduced to the UK in the 1990’s. A large number of educational studies have shown that many children learn better in an outdoor environment. Being outside aids children to play and explore naturally whilst learning. One important finding from researchers is that children who have more contact with nature experience less psychological distress and have greater self-esteem. Children have a freedom to discover things for themselves and spend time with others or alone.

Why Forest School?

A few reasons we feel this way of learning will enhance your child’s experience of Pre-school:

  • Being outdoors with space to move and explore is proven to be beneficial for the health of both body and mind.
  • Our children are the next guardians of the planet-their knowledge of the natural world will hopefully lead to a genuine love of nature and desire for it’s conservation.
  • Embracing the day outdoors with all it’s fluctuations and challenges of climate and terrain develops acceptance and adaptability- a “can-do” , flexible attitude: Forest School presents the opportunity to teach problem solving at a very practical level.
  • The natural world presents learning opportunities over the whole spectrum of the curriculum from science to art and mathematics.
  • It has been proven that outdoor learning can be the key to unlocking potential in all but particularly in those who may find academic study a challenge.

For more information on the Forest Schools Initiative please visit www.forestschools.com or talk to our leader Tracey Winfield.

A few photos from our Forest School sessions:

forest school worm   forest school magnifying glass   forest school woodblocks   Forest School balancing beam   Forest School snack time

 "Location - great that they can use Ridgeley's Field & The Playing Field to learn" - Parent of Pre-Schooler